Putting the cart before the horse.

Now that spring is springing (though still too wet & cool for our preference) we’re going full tilt in the garden. But no matter how busy we are, Katie always gets a lesson or a workout. A rare sunny day was the perfect opportunity to try on her driving bridle and show her the great big cart she’ll be pulling soon.

She hasn’t worn a bit much, let alone a driving bridle with blinkers attached, but she took it in stride. Katie is also getting the hang of standing still without being tied to be groomed and have all her various gear put on. It will be some time before we can hitch her to the cart, and it’s a good idea to let her get familiar with it first so she doesn’t spook at having a rattling contraption attached & chasing her.

Ms. Kate took the cart in stride too, no matter how much we moved it around, shook it, and bounced. The best part was when I climbed aboard. She stuck her nose in my face and made like she was going to get on too! She settled for a nibble of the dashboard instead. So far so good….

Here’s a preview of our newest garden ‘tool’ – hoop tunnels. There are 4 total for this season, and we’ll be adding a detailed post on how they’re built. In the background is our tiny patch of wheat and next to it some kidney beans.

And we can’t forget Stewart, never slow about sticking his nose into everything, enjoying his job as resident goofball.


3 thoughts on “Putting the cart before the horse.”

  1. Beautiful cart, folks! I hadn’t seen the bigger version. I’m so glad to hear things with Katie are going well. I wave to her all the time. 🙂

  2. Kate has a great heart. She’s smart, really willing and a lot of fun. Maybe when she’s road safe we’ll stop by for a visit.

    It’s not often Stew gets both of his ears upright. : ) I love his giant gum drop nose… big as a bear!

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