Another lovely weekend

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We took some time out from chores & projects to enjoy the wonderful weather this weekend. Saturday was reserved for the 51st Bellingham Highland Games at Hovander Homestead park near Ferndale. Our favorite tribal Celtic musicians, the Wicked Tinkers, were able to make it up for one day of the games, and had a great time listening to them play and chatting a bit between sets. They’ll be performing at the Seattle Highland Games in Enumclaw next month, and back in the PNW for other shows this summer as well.

It had been a while since we’d gone target shooting, the cold wet spring hasn’t been an incentive either, so we took advantage of a sunny Sunday and headed out to have fun. The gravel pit where people go to shoot collects heat like a brick oven, and Sunday was no exception. Lots of hydration did the trick, then it was time to head home to BBQ & play darts.

Of course we couldn’t completely neglect the ‘stead, so we spent an extra day, Monday, on the garden and other projects. Kate is doing really well learning to deal with humans on her back ‘driving’ her around. Most of the 7 rows of potatoes were ready to be hilled, and we experimented with rose petal jelly from the rugosa rose we planted a few years ago.

Now that the flowers are all starting to bloom, the bees have stepped up pollen and nectar gathering quite a lot. It will soon be time to check for swarm cells, which means they feel like it’s time for a new queen and a change of scenery. Removing the cells usually puts the kibosh on their relocation plans and they will stick around making more honey.

Here are a few videos from the Highland Games this weekend –


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