Chicken inspector!

We just got done with a round of chicken inspection. No, not this kind –

Since the ‘broody coop’ where we raise the new chicks is empty, we decided to isolate the hens by breed to see who lays what. Each breed was in the small coop for 7 days, then we added the egg total and divided by number of hens. We didn’t include the production reds, since we won’t be keeping them around much longer.

The results –

  • New Hampshire Reds: 6 hens laid 30 eggs in 7 days for a ratio of 5
  • Welsummers: 2 hens laid 7 eggs in 7 days for a ratio of 3.5
  • Black Australorps: 4 hens laid 21 eggs in 7 days for a ratio of 5.25
  • Ameraucanas: 5 hens laid 11 eggs in 7 days for a ratio of 2.2

Looks like the Hampshires and the Australorps are really earning their keep. The other 2 breeds aren’t very productive, but their eggs are pretty colors, so we like to have them in the flock. When the pullets settle in to laying we’ll see how they measure up. It might even be worth the hassle to see how they do in winter.

The dark and damp weather has finally relented just enough to start harvesting salad greens. The frilly red lettuce is Red Sails from PNW company Ed Hume. It grows well here and has replace former standby, red oak leaf. Also on the garden front, we added to our arsenal of dirt-moving, weed-killing tools. Two more sturdy hand-crafted hoes from Rogue Hoes, making a total of 4 in use at Seven Trees.The giant rugosa rose in the garden has been flowering so bountifully, we researched more uses for its petals and decided to try rose petal wine.A 2-gallon batch is now in primary fermentation on the hearth. Too bad it takes a year to be drinkable.


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