Harvest time begins

After a long dark cold wet spring, things are finally taking off at Seven Trees. We’ve just started harvesting raspberries, and one 10ft row produced about 5# of berries in one picking. We’ve dug our first potatoes (purple Caribes), picked peas, uncounted pounds of lettuce, chard & spinach and some sweet & crunchy kohlrabi. We’ve also harvested enough rhubarb to start a batch of wine, and the shop fridge is full of marinating pork belly that will be turned into bacon on the smoker later this week. The garlic is almost ready to harvest, and Newt spends sunny afternoons doing quality control inspections deep in the garlic patch. Katie is off to “camp” for a week, learning how to canter with a human on her back, and other equine education. Before she left, she enjoyed some grazing next door. She also had a quick peek into the house, to see just what we humans are up to after all the farm/garden chores. While adding some much-needed gutters to the back of the hen-house, we noticed this amazing moth clinging to the hen door rope. It looked like a dried leaf hanging there. We still haven’t figured out what species it is. This week we’ll be working on Katie’s corral so she’ll have a nice dry spot to hang out in when the rainy season starts. It’s also time to start plants for the fall/winter garden. This season our goal is to have something growing year-round, so we’ll be experimenting with moving one of our hoop houses over a pit of manure to make our version of a hotbed.


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