Katie did!

Katie has been doing so well with her training so far, we decided to see how she’d do harnessed up to her lovely new Meadowbrook cart from Oxbow Coaches & Wagons. She’s had a lot of experience being ground driven, wearing the driving bridle with blinders, and pulling a tire around the paddock. Nothing seems to faze her.

For safety’s sake, we didn’t drive her while sitting in the cart. Some horses freak out at the feeling of some giant contraption attached to them, so it’s better to be on the ground and have a helper standing by, just in case.

We took her for a quick turnaround out on the road, and she drove like a pro, paying attention to both verbal and physical directions.

We called it a day, ending on a positive note, but our next outing wll be with a driver on board. It won’t be long before she’s running us on errands in town, representing Seven Trees Farm in parades, or pulling farm implements at home.

A couple of short clips of Katie & cart:


2 thoughts on “Katie did!”

  1. She seems to be a natural at driving. We’re going to try for a longer drive tomorrow, with someone in the driver’s seat. Katie is also doing great as a trail horse and has been ridden near water, over gravel, and other assorted spooky things ๐Ÿ™‚

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