Magnus Cat 2007 – 2011

Magnus went out the evening of August 11th, and never came back. He was last seen headed to our north-side neighbor’s pasture, where gophers (and coyotes) were abundant, so we assumed that coyotes had gotten him. We searched the area, put up flyers, checked the shelter, but it wasn’t until our neighbor to the south called Sunday the 21st that we found our Mags.

His body was in the woods to the south of us, not far off the road. It looks like he was headed out on an adventure and met with a car instead. We brought him home and buried him next to his sister, Mercia, who also was killed by a car 3 years ago.

Magnus was a bright light at the heart of Seven Trees and we will miss and remember him always.


11 thoughts on “Magnus Cat 2007 – 2011”

  1. No! Sad, sadness. 😦 I worry a ton about my outdoor kitties as they go about their work. I’m glad he was found so a burial next to sis could be had. I, at least, find some clarity and closure helpful, even when it is sad.

    1. The only thing balancing out how sad it is to lose our Mags is knowing what a good life he had here. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to give critters a life where they can develop full personalities and silly quirks.

  2. He was a very lucky kitty to have you and Joanna! You know me and animals, ewwwwww – but then I got Bruno, who sleeps in bed with me, and licks my face, and since last year, I do the litter box!!!! Miss you guys.

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