Still harvesting madly

The weather is finally changing from summer to fall and we’re scrambling to bring in as much food as we can to keep us through the winter (and rising food prices). We’ll be sharing some of our favorite recipes once the harvest madness settles down, but in the meantime here are a few pictures of the doings at Seven Trees.

In keeping with our mission to grow food in a low-input & traditional way, we are now only brewing beer when our hops are ready for harvest. This year we’ve started two 5 gallon batches using fresh-picked hops. The carboy below was brewed with Fuggles, dry hopped with Chinook. When I was picking these hops there was one of our ubiquitous lovely peeper frogs hanging out on a drying yellowed hop leaf, perfectly matching the mix of green, brown & yellow colors. In honor of that froggy’s vitality, and the lively yeasties blowing through countless airlocks with their fermentatious exuberance, I’m calling this flavor of pale ale Froggles.

We processed a super of honey this weekend. We’re still filtering it, and it’s beautiful and tasty. So far we’re thinking to use some of to sweeten various cordials in the works – elderberry, black currant & rose hip so far.

This year we decided to try a kidney bean for our dry beans, since that is a variety we use most often. Our seed stock came from Fedco Seeds in Maine, so we figured it would be a good short season variety. And we were very happily rewarded with a wonderful crop of light red beans. They germinated quickly and robustly, dealt with slug attacks, and set a solid crop this year. I think we’ll add them to our repeat list of crops.


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