I joined the navy to see the world…

…and what did I see, I saw the sea.

We thought we were taking a trip unrelated to Seven Trees Farm’s mission, but we kept stumbling across bits & pieces of Scandinavian subsistence homesteads tucked into the remnants of ancient forests. A visit to the Makah museum in Neah Bay definitely reinforced the connection between north american fjords and old world fjords. Canoes, salmon fishing, seal hunting, long houses, subsistence gardening…it’s not hard to see why our northern european ancestors wanted to make a go of it in the Pacific Northwest.

We’ll be writing more about homesteading in the temperate rainforest we call heaven, but in the mean time, here are some pictures of Sekiu, an old fishing port, Neah Bay/Cape Flattery, home to the Makah Tribe, and Cape Alava, an amazingly remote and beautiful stretch of the north coast of Washington State.

Edit: The Wordpress slideshow function doesn’t allow larger versions of the pictures. If anyone wants to see a full-sized photo, let us know via the comments option and we’ll post it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a surround-sound clip of the tremendous engines powering the ferry Salish.


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