Snowy weather at Seven Trees

We’ve been enjoying a rare week of arctic weather at Seven Trees. Not that we don’t get snow here, but not often in amounts that stick around long enough to be troublesome. The 4-legged critters don’t seem to mind, but the hens haven’t left their coop in days. Looks like a thaw will set in tomorrow though.

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We’ll be making this simple morcilla blood sausage this weekend, and will share the gruesome process as well as the hopefully tasty results.


P.S. It’s possible to see individual slideshow pictures full size with a few clicks. I wish WordPress would enable this function as a default, but maybe someday.

Kind of a pain, but doable…


3 thoughts on “Snowy weather at Seven Trees”

  1. Love the photos. Your beautiful chestnut horse reminds me very much of our beloved Leo who we lost January 2nd due to strangulating lipoma colic. He was 31.

  2. Nice long life for your Leo, but it’s always hard to lose a family member, no matter what.

    The weather has turned to our usual pineapple express (warmish, wet & windy) so the snow is mostly mud & slush now. Perfect for staying inside and making sausage 🙂

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