Let there be light!

Lots of activity the past few weeks at Seven Trees. The 2012 chickies have arrived, we finally have power in the shop, and 2 of our rotten old windows have been replaced.

The weather keeps playing tricks on us, so we haven’t done much outside yet. We’re making some changes to our cross-fencing to allow Kate and the hens better access to forage, and shopping around for a good tiller. Currently Husqvarna is the front runner, but at $7-800, we’re taking our time to decide. We also need to buy Kate’s work harness and get her started earning her treats. She’s doing great as a riding horse, and those lessons will help her learn driving and draft commands as well.

If you’re in our area and need some quality construction/repair/remodelling work done, hit us up on the contact tab for more info about Brisky Built Inc! Always a job well done at a fair price. The electrical work was done by Valley Plumbing & Electric, who have also proved to be a terrific outfit to do business with.


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