Breaking new ground

It was another busy weekend at Seven Trees. The weather and schedules finally cooperated, and we made hay as the saying goes.

First on the agenda was dinner at Good to Go Meat Pies in Everson, about 3 miles north.

On Saturday we headed to Berthusen Park in Lynden for the 71st annual International Plowing Match.
A pair of Clydesdales taking a break.
Some lovely light-colored Belgians.

A pair of sorrel Belgians, similarly colored to Kate.
A pair of Percherons, pulling a riding plow.

We may end up trimming Kate’s tail like these guys’, to help with harnessing and keeping it clear of road mud.

The center of this sun reads “In case you don’t know, this is the sun.” A normal state of affairs in this corner of the continent.

The sun was out most of the weekend, illuminating Mt. Baker and most of the Cascades, Olympics, and Border peaks.

We broke plenty of new ground this weekend, tilling and planting potatoes, greens, kidney & navy beans. Next up is onions , carrots, cabbage & radishes. Another break from the routine is our new kitty-guy, Otto von Bismarck. He followed Newt home one night last week, and is doing well after being neutered and slowly introduced to the household. We think he might have come from the dairy up the road, which ahs a number of resident kitties. The vet said he is about a year old, and was most evidently not fixed yet. He’s a little guy, just a few pounds, but very polite and sweet.


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