We can all use a little help this time of year, when the sun gets things growing and shows us where some spring cleaning might be in order. M’aidez is French for ‘help me’, and where our radio distress call “may day” comes from. It’s also a very ancient holiday called Beltane, marking the transition from winter to summer.

Dicentra formosa or bleeding heart.

We also had the super moon this weekend, which luckily didn’t spark any mega-quakes, just some beautiful night views. It’s finally warming up enough for plants to bloom, from apple to rhubarb to zucchini…

Since the weather has finally started warming up, we’ve been planting more crops. Onions – Walla Walla sweets, Copra, and a new-to-us storage variety, Varsity.We also planted carrots this weekend, Nantes Fancy, under floating row covers. The covers help keep the seeds moist until they germinate, help keep the carrot flies from laying eggs in the soil, and most of all keep cats from using the fluffy dirt as an outdoor toilet.                                                                       We also finally got the great bean trial underway. A friend from Bosnia gifted us with some beans her parents brought here on a visit, and we’re growing out a sample of each kind, plus two from Seven Trees Farm. The idea is to grow out enough to try some cooked as well as build up our seed stock. They are each assigned a code – P = pea, H = Hidatsa Shield Figure, SK = speckled kidney (a random sport from the pink kidneys we grew last year), B = black, ST = speckled tan, T = tan, BW = black & white, and W = white. Otto von Bismarck (Biz for short) has definitely settled into the household. He’s a tiny little guy, but with a huge personality. He likes accompanying his people on chore rounds, playing with pine cones and the laser pointer, and rolling around in the catnip patch.


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