Pigs and pullets

Busy busy busy this long weekend at Seven Trees!

We bought 10 more chickies, 5 Welsummer and 5 Cuckoo Maran, because we really like the egg colors they will produce, and because we’re trying to get as close as possible to a year-round high-production flock. The 26 barred Rock and 5 Ameraucana pullets got moved in with the older hens, to free up the broody coop for the new chicks. The Ameraucanas not only lay lovely blue-green eggs, but they have funny mutton chops too. The pullets enjoy the extra space and greens, but not being at the bottom of the pecking order. The cats enjoyed the spectacle of monkeys and poultry all in a dither, keeping a close eye on the proceedings. We also reserved a couple of Berkshire piggies that we’ll pick up around July 4th. Now we have to get the pig palace painted and moved to its 2012 location in the southeast corner of our lot. They’ll have lots of brush to root through and keep them shaded this summer. We’ve planted lots of root veggies and squash to supplement their rations too. Goldfinches have been regular visitors at the sunflower seed feeder lately, even picking up dropped seeds on the ground underneath. Look at this little spot of color in all the green. Speaking of color, there have been some beautiful sunsets this weekend, and twilight over the neighbors’ barn & pasture is nothing but fairy-tale green. You’d almost expect to see Hobbits out bringing their cattle home.


2 thoughts on “Pigs and pullets”

    1. We’re hoping to sell a half, probably butchering in November, $3/lb hanging weight plus cut & wrap at Keizer.

      Can’t wait to try Berkshire compared to the usual crossbreed hogs 🙂

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