Fourth of July week 2012

Summer, as usual, is off to a slow start in this corner of the world. While the fruits & veggies are hanging on for sun, the humans are staying busy between rain showers.

Enterprise apples, happy and prolific, as are the raspberries.

We added a gate in one paddock, so we can move Kate to new grazing with less hassle, and so we can move the pig house to its new location.

Lots of fruit & flowers adding color to the grey weather. We’re supposed to change over to warm & sunny after the 4th (a PNW tradition) and I’m sure we’ll be non-stop scrambling to keep up with watering, weeding & harvesting. But for now, any sign of life is exciting.

This micro-zucchini is just biding its time. Soon it will be a lunker, laying in wait.
Our first Bosc pears!
Deep purple poppies planted on Mercia, Magnus & Bellamy’s grave under Grandfather Tree.

The warm and humid weather is starting to rouse the dreaded blight spores in the potato patch. We are using new ground, but blight is nearly unavoidable here when conditions are right.

Butte potato vines in flower.
Caribe, our favorite early potato, just out of the ground and perfect tossed with butter, parsley & chives after steaming or boiling.

It’s also our birthdays this week, so we are taking time to celebrate bewteen chores (and downpours) with BBQ, beverages, and fiercely-played dart games. Bismarck bravely steps up to oversee the recrational proceedings.

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2 thoughts on “Fourth of July week 2012”

  1. Have you tried making lacto-fermented soda with those raspberries? That is one of my favorite summer drinks. I add a little heavy cream to a frosty glass of rasberry soda and it is heavenly and with plenty of probiotics.

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