The tassel is worth the hassle

Even though summer got off to a late start this year, our recent hot spell has got things growing like gangbusters. Our Painted Mountain corn is fully-tasselled and most stalks have two ears forming. Just as each ear is colored differently from the others, the tassels are all combinations of green, tan, yellow and purple. We will definitely make this corn a permanent crop here at Seven Trees. Some of our root crops are ready for early harvest – Scarlet Nantes carrots and Detroit Dark Red short top beet. We are growing a lot of fodder crops like rutabagas, mangels, beets, potatoes, squash, beans & corn for the hens & pigs, but they are all just dandy for human consumption. The cabbages are heading up, red and green. We started them under row covers, to avoid the cabbage worms, but they rapidly outgrew the space so we set them free. Apparently a Copra onion escaped harvest last year and is now flowering in the middle of a beet row. Even though onions cross-pollinate, we’re going to save seeds from these and see what they grow into. The Bosnian bean trial is doing well. It’s fun to see what these beans turn into, and we’ll do a wrap-up blog post once these all dry down into seed stock. We’ve learned the hard way that a perfect seedbed is also a perfect litterbox. So we’re using the metal hoops with bird netting to protect mass plantings like these late-season carrots. You can see in the foreground all the feline trampling this row would have endured. Definitely worth the effort! Thanks to our mini-hoophouses our peppers are starting to ripen. These early jalapenos (the dark one is a Czech Black – our favorite) were used to make bacon-wrapped cream cheese-stuffed ‘thingies’ (the thingies are also tasty topped with chorizo if you’re out of bacon).


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