Like one pig waits for another

It’s been far too hot in this corner of the Pacific Northwest. Not that we’re anywhere near the trouble the rest of the country is in with the drought, but for us mossy-backed web-footers days in the 90’s are tough. The humans of Seven Trees have spent most of this week moving hoses around to keep plants watered and critters cool. Tide yourselves over until the next fascinating blog post with this video of BB & Q enjoying a pan of stale milk & cream, jumbo cukes, cracked eggs, and just a wee splash of homemade wine 🙂

Just had to add that we’ve been reading Carol Deppe’s new book The Resilient Gardener, which is a wonderful book for anyone, experienced or not, who wants to grow their own food in good times and bad.  In her chapter on squash she touts one of our new favorites, Sweet Meat, for many reasons, not the least of which is that “Sweet-Meat-finished pork is spectacularly delicious”. Last year our two Sweet Meat plants produced a whopping 190 pounds of squash that kept well into March of this year. One of our goals as a diversified subsistence farm is to grow as much of our own food and fodder as possible, so we planted a lot more Sweet Meats this year for our hens, pigs and ourselves. It will be interesting to see how BB & Q taste with the addition of this squash to their diet.


2 thoughts on “Like one pig waits for another”

  1. They look like they are enjoying themselves. We saw some pigs at the fair this weekend as well but they were overly hot and really lazing around.

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