Dog Days of Summer 2012

Each summer the Whatcom Humane Society presents a day of doggy fun and fund-raising at Lake Padden park in beautiful Whatcom County, WA. This event helped raise funds toward their goal of a new shelter building to replace to 2 sub-standard ones currently in use. There is a fun run/walk around the lake, lots of vendor booths, canine-oriented activities, and Stew’s favorite – the Best Howl contest.

Stewart, giving his all for the best howl contest.

Some friends joined us for the fun, Balou, his Corgi Moe, and their human.

Stewart tried the agility/obstacle course, but was much too worried about losing track of Fergus, who was watching from the sidelines, to bother with that silliness.

Unlike his triumphant debut in 2010, this year Stewart took 2nd place, coming in behind a harmonica-inspired canine competitor. He was a crowd favorite though, with lots of spectators joining in his heartfelt howl.

At the end of the Dog Day there was still time for kitties. Bismarck briefly tolerates a little love before making his escape. In other news, we have a spiffy new incubator on the way and are looking forward to hatching our first batch of homegrown chicks soon. By springtime we’re hoping to have our breeding program underway, to produce healthy sturdy hens that look pretty and lay olive green and dark brown eggs. We’ll be using the guidelines established by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy in deciding which chickens to keep and which to breed. Their site is chock full of information about heritage breeds from hens to cattle and them some.



4 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer 2012”

    1. Turkeys aren’t my favorite critter. And we’ve found it’s easier to keep to a manageable number of species with our limited time & space. It’s hard to maintain everyone properly when each needs different food & housing.

      1. Yes I was wondering what their particular needs will be. I have ordered a book on raising turkeys. They are my favorite animal for bone broth/stock and soup. Very gelatinous. I don’t really care for the store available ones and Blue Valley Meats (where I usually shop for meat ) does not raise them any longer. They had a heritage breed that was very delicious.
        We may have to try our hand at raising them in the next couple of years. I was reading about the heritage breeds on the website you shared in this post.

    2. might be a good place to ask about raising turkeys. They have a turkey forum – and people also sell hatching eggs there if you want to get some heritage breeds. I love ALBC even though we’re not breeding any heritage animals right now. We usually look over what needs conserving when we decide to take on a new critter, in case we can help with preservation. Plus it’s just cool to read about all those breeds 🙂

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