So many frogs, so little time

The Pacific tree frog seems to be a self-appointed mascot of Seven Trees Farm, this year especially. In past years we hear them when spring nights get warm enough for mating and egg-laying, then they quiet down and take up residence in woodpiles and under shady leaves in the garden. But this year, as summer turns to fall, we can’t help but see these peepers wherever we look. We use minimal herbicides here, to avoid killing beneficial critters like frogs and snakes. We also have some wild corners, some planted intentionally and some inherited, like the big blackberry patch in the front yard. This combination of factors must make just the right hunting grounds for these little amphibians, and when picking berries this weekend, we shared space with uncountable frogs. Most of them were plump-full of the fruit flies that are descending on the overripe berries. (Another critter taking advantage of the wild spaces were bees, both native and honeybees. After having our own hives for a few years, it’s no big deal to work side-by-side with bees. We know they are focused on gathering supplies to help their hive make it through the winter, not interested in stinging us.) Pacific tree frogs come in a variety of colors in green and brown tones, and have jaunty spots and racing stripes. They can also change color somewhat to match their surroundings. We’ve seen them anywhere from metallic gold spotted to blackish-brown. All of the frogs shown in this post were photographed in our berry patch during just one afternoon berry pick!

The “imported” critters of Seven Trees are enjoying the change of seasons too. Kitties and dogs love helping us on our chore runs, piggies and chickens love helping clean up the garden and leftovers. Only 2 more months until BB&Q go to freezer camp. They are growing so fast and trashing their pen and feeder in their enthusiasm to eat eat eat.


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