From Burn’s night haggis to Thor’s rotting shark….we got your winter feasting fun covered 😀

Seven Trees Farm

The holidays are over, spring is just a date on the calendar, and the weather outside (if you’re in our neck of the woods) is frightful. A perfect time to take a break from pre-spring cleaning to explore the mid-winter Viking festival, Thorrablot. The Thorrablot, or Feast of Thor, is held in Iceland, on a Friday, between the 19th and 25th of January every year, and signals the beginning of the snowmoon, or month of Thorri.

There isn’t much agreement as to just when this festival started (any time from the Viking era down to the 19th century) and likewise some confusion as to its namesake (Icelandic king Thorri, ancient jotun (giant) Thorri, or Heathen god Thor). Where modern people agree is on the traditional menu of food known as the thorramatur.

The recent popularity of this festival is said to derive from Icelandic emigrants returning to their home…

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