April showers

Spring is springing here at long last and we took advantage of a few dry days to move composted manure to the garden.


We have settled on the far west side of the main garden being a permanent edible zone with raspberries transplanted from the front yard now joining the currants and rhubarb patch. A selection of strawberries were also added, all starts from another area in the yard. Everything seems to be pretty happy, sprouting like crazy. The manure in the foreground has since been spread, but we’ll need another dry spell to till it in. There’s also a number of home starts that are waiting to go in the ground on top of the cold frame. We harvested some large super tender chard from the cold frame that had wintered over and come on strong, despite the cold and rainy spring.


A bumblebee paused to warm up on a Trillium flower in the backyard. When I went back later to check on her, she had gone.


These hens are taking advantage of the slow drips from the gutter while on an excursion in the house yard. The chickens help keep the lawn down while the grazing areas are closed off so the grass there can recover.


The latest babies are coming along nicely as the first signs of feathers show. Here they are when we brought them in for a check, to band them, and make any notes we could at this stage.


This .xls is the results of our first chick-ventory on the hatchlings. We numbered the chicks, noted the leg band color/s, and documented a few other characteristics. As they get bigger, we’ll continue to monitor their progress and up-size bands as needed since they do grow fast. Some of the babies show very definitive gender characteristics, but some are still hard to gauge at this stage.



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