Going a-Maying

Happy May Day!

Seven Trees Farm

This weekend marks one of the most important times of the Celtic year, Beltane. In our early ancestors days, this was the time to move cattle from winter holding grounds up to summer pastures in the hills. As noted in the fascinating site, Legendary Dartmoor:

The Celts knew that seasonal transitions were times of heightened supernatural strength, even danger. Beltane and Samhain were the year’s two great fire festivals — they divided the year in half and marked the time when the portals between the spiritual and human worlds were at their most vulnerable. In respecting such powers, the celebrations called for holy fires, kindled from the trees most revered by the Celts – among these were rowan, birch, apple, oak, hawthorn, holly, and alder. Such magical woods were believed to be “specialists” in protecting and purifying people and animals from disease and
infertility. Beltane’s fires welcomed the sun’s…

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