June blooms

We’re finally getting a few sunny days in a row, warming the soil and waking flora and fauna. Underneath the rampant weeds, signs of intentional planting are beginning to manifest.

We have a last batch of New Hampshire eggs in the incubator, with a hatch date of June 22. The next time we set eggs, it will be from our carefully-selected breeding stock, in early winter.

Strawberries are coming ripe, and it’s a daily battle with the robins to pick them intact. Raspberries, blueberries and black currants look to be setting a bumper crop this year, so a little sharing won’t hurt.

Some of the new greens we’re trialing are a hit – Beedy’s Camden kale, Winter Wonderland lettuce, Donkey spinach to name a few. We’ll update in more detail as soon as we can turn our backs on the weeds for longer than a few minutes.


5 thoughts on “June blooms”

  1. Yes, the weeds are hard to keep control of right now. It certainly is better than last year for us though.
    Our little chickens are about 5 weeks old now and are loving being outside in this weather. Had to put up a hot wire to teach the dogs that they are not toys to chase around the hoop house.

    The neighbors all come over to sit and watch the chickens. Its like having our very own Chicken Channel TV show.

    1. Good to hear you have a flock started! What kind did you get?

      I never get tired of chicken tv. We have a full grown flock, some 2 month old teenagers, and some week old peepers, and they are all fun to watch doing their thing.

      Good luck with your dogs. That’s one deal breaker here for the working critters, but most dogs learn pretty quickly.

      1. We got 2 Astrolorpes, 2 Buff Orppingtons, 2 black sexlinks, 2 partridge rocks and 1 Cuckoo Maran.

        I just bought a bag of organice grower mix and noticed when I got home that the last ingredient is “vegetable oil” (which means it is already rancid since that is the nature of vegetable oils).
        Where do you get your grower feed for your chickens? Is there a Washington supplier that has a good grower mix? I thought I remembered a post you did that had a reference but could not find it just now when I was searching.

  2. Our principle go to is Conway Feeds, Conway, WA. It’s milled local and sold in Skagit County as well as at Hannegan Farm and Home here in Whatcom County. You could contact them and see if they sell near you. And Scratch and Peck Feeds, http://www.scratchandpeck.com/ sells no GMO and organic feeds. I think they may ship and are also available in many areas. I think their website has locations listed where their feed is sold.

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