Up in smoke

A reader emailed us to share pictures of a smoker he built with his father-in-law, based on plans we shared in a previous blog post – Smokin!

We still haven’t made time to build our own version, but Wayne’s smoker is just the inspiration we need.

He says:

The father in-law and I built the smoker (out-house style) that you had posted and have been using it for the past couple weeks with excellent results! We added a couple of our own touches and have been smoking moose and venison (jerky), as well as fish that included; cod (was amazing), brookies and rainbow trout.

We built the insert rack holder to be removable and hold the Bradley smoker racks. We put 4 top vents in, two in each side and an inlet vent on the bottom of each side. The roof we built is like one of the sides and put tin on the top as the where the smoker stays is on a recreation property and is subject to heavy snow fall. We found the smoker easy to maintain heat and smoke and has produced excellent results.


2 thoughts on “Up in smoke”

  1. Very cool to see. Thanks for sharing the photos. Sometime in the next couple of years I would like to build a cold smoke smoke house. I have the design percolating in the back of my mind.

    1. We’re hoping to build one like this, but at a bit of a rise so we can have a wood fire box lower and farther away, and run the cold smoke through a pipe. That way we can use it both hot and cold.


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