Dances with eggs

Easter is a few weeks off yet, but with another batch in the incubator, eggs are on our minds here at STF.

Seven Trees Farm

We don’t celebrate Easter at Seven Trees, aside from taking advantage of Hempler’s ham being on sale. But we’re always interested in some of the oddball ways our ancestors observed the holidays, so I’ll share a little bit about the Egg Dance….
The picture above is The Egg Dance, by Jan Steen c. 1674. The Essential Vermeer website describes it thus: “To the hypnotic music of the fiddle and a bagpipe peasants dance wildly around an egg lying in chalk circle drawn on the floor of sordid inn. In front of rustic tavern, villagers and their children listed with rapt attention to a beggar playing a hurdy-gurdy while the reek of cheap drink and tobacco hang over the scene. Even the innkeeper has been lured to the doorway to listen to a few notes of music.”

In the dance pictured above (Pieter Aertsen, 1552), green leaves and early flowers were…

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