Nepeta cataria – party style

Since the weather turned rainy this week, our outdoor projects took a back seat to the long-neglected shop clean-out. Many things were condensed, discarded, prepared for donation…but amongst all the debris of farm living was a plastic tote full of dried catnip. HerbHedgeLast summer we sheared vast quantities from this herbal hedge (catnip on the right, motherwort on the left) and some was stashed in the shop for later processing. With so much abundance, we never did get around to storing it properly (we have bundles of catnip hanging behind the woodstove that kitties revel in all winter). As the wiki says – the nepetalactone contained in some Nepeta species binds to the olfactory receptors of cats, typically resulting in temporary euphoria. Garden-Newt

So we set this tote on the porch, after declaring it too old and spent to be worth saving, to await a dry day for burning in our firepit. The cats thought otherwise…

NipTub1The cat-butt prints in this vat of party didn’t translate well on film, but just about every time we stepped out to the back porch, we found a feline taking advantage of the party favors. NipTub2Even our cranky paranoid old man cat, Crichton, got in on the fun.

NipTub3Like it or not, catnip now grows everywhere on Seven Trees Farm. Not what you want in the middle of the carrot row, but rather nice to have as a bee-attracting, shade-producing, kitty-intoxicating hedge in other parts of the yard. If you’re in our neck of the woods, we’d be happy to pot up some party weed for you to take home toΒ  your kitties πŸ˜€



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