Good read! The Lost Female Figures of Christmas – Part I

Check out the intro to this fascinating article, then click on through and read the rest at the author’s (Carolyn Emerick) website. So much lost information from our pre-Christian past!


The Lost Female Figures of Christmas – Part I MeadHornIntroduction and Background

It may come as a surprise that there were a great many female figures associated with this time of year that have been obscured from much of our contemporary memory. Many of these figures are still popular in their home countries. But, America has a very different historical landscape when it comes to holiday practice, and it is the American brand of Christmas that has recently been exported to non-Western parts of the world.

Much has been said about Santa Claus being an amalgam of influences, and especially about his image being based on the Germanic god Odin. But, it is important to realize that there were many other holiday figures, both male and female, that did not find their way over to our modern American Christmas celebrations. German male figures such as Krampus and Knecht Ruprecht are coming up more and more in news and entertainment media. So I would like to take this opportunity to celebrate the female side of Old Yule.

<<<<The rest of the article contains the sections listed below, plus a link to part 2, featuring the more sinister female characters of Christmastide.>>>>

  • Mōdraniht – Mothers Night
  • The Important Roles of Germanic Women
  • Obstacles in Getting to Our Roots
  • Hagiography Throws People Off
  • Saint Lucia
  • Germany’s Christkind
  • Snegurochka – Snow Girl
  • Holle, Bride of Wotan

<<<<There is also some great art accompanying the text.>>>>



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