From peeps to pups

Spring in our part of the PNW comes in fits and starts. Intervals of cold, soaking rain and invigorating sun. And the sunny weather rarely happens on a weekend or day off. So we’re only now getting ramped up for our main planting. We took a risk and moved most of the raspberries to an expanded area in the garden. They were about ready to flower, so the rain was really helpful in keeping them alive. I think we’ll get a good crop again this year, but we’ve also expanded our blueberry and strawberry plantings this spring too, just in case.

The first batch of peepers is a couple weeks old now and doing great. We’ll be doing four hatches total this year, and selling some hens and pullets in the fall. The experiment continues…

We also got a few extras from the feed store, including this mystery breed peeper.ChicksThe wild critters are getting into the season too. Pacific tree frogs, in a range of colors from brilliant mossy green to deep chocolate, turn up in unexpected places. This one was on the garage wall.GarageFrogAnd we have a steady stream of hummingbirds, at all three feeders, from pre-dawn to blue-dark. RufousSunsetHildegard is a year old now. She has grown up to be a very sweet, wiggly, protective gal, and still has a bit of growing to do. BabyHildeShe was 80lbs. at her last vet visit, but still takes care to compensate for Fergus’ short legs and old age. He absolutely loves playing tug with her, and the exercise is good for both of them.


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