Instant flock for sale!

We had a surprise peep show yesterday, when a hen came out of the tall pasture grass, trailing 10 little chicks. Luckily they were all rounded up safely and are tucked into Fergus’ old dog house in a pen. Unfortunately, the hen isn’t one we had intended for our breeding program. Peeps1 Peeps2

So, if anyone would like mom (an olive-egger) and her 10 peeps (1/2 oliver 1/2 Ameraucana) let us know. We also have another olive-egger hen for sale, so 2 hens and 10 chicks total for $40, or just mom & peeps for $30.

Hen2 Hen1


7 thoughts on “Instant flock for sale!”

  1. Darn, We have our chicks for this year already but I would have loved to have an “olive egger”. I will check with our neighbors who are just finishing up their chicken house.

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