Changing seasons, changing gears

We haven’t had time to post much lately, as we’ve gone from running around trying to keep crops viable in the record heatwave to running around trying to keep crops viable in the record August wind/rain storm.

In the aftermath of the stormy weather it looks like fall has fallen. Usually that means chilly nights and comfortably sunny days, interspersed with rain showers. But thanks to the dying offshore Blob and the incoming Godzilla El Nino, who knows what’s in store.

We can only hope we don’t get a repeat of fall/winter 2006, with its floods, hurricane-force winds, and blizzard conditions, nearly continuously from the beginning of November to mid-December. Here are a few highlights from that mad-weatherish year. Check out more here – November 2006 at STFBlizzard06

Looking east on the Pole Rd. toward Sumas Mountain, and yes, that’s the corner of a car sticking out of the ditch. Windstorm06

Our lovely fir trees, having a dance in the 60mph winds. One of them to the left of the house will be taken out later this month, as it is leaning perilously close to the house now.


And the raging Nooksack, at the Nugent’s Corner bridge. Seven Trees Farm is only a few hundred yards from the river as the crow flies, but the topography is such that flooding is a fairly remote risk, at least so far. But this bridge is just a couple of miles upstream and usually has maybe 50 feet between it and the river channel. There was about 6 feet of space when we took this photo.

Luckily we are much more prepared for all kinds of weather now, but still….fingers crossed for pleasant and mild, with a wee bit of snow for fun. Mount Baker and friends just got their first dusting of white, which should have the local skiers and boarders raring to go. BakerSnow15


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