Something windy this way comes…

This time of year Cascadians’ thoughts turn to stormy weather. And almost on the eve of the Columbus Day storm of 1962, we’re under a wind advisory, with a freakish 69F out at midnight. It shouldn’t amount to much, but we’ve been surprised by weather before.
This post was written in September of 2006, and little did we know what a challenging winter was in store –

Seven Trees Farm

    We had our first power outage of the season. An old cottonwood couldn’t stand against the rain-saturated soil, and fell onto a power pole, about a 1/4 mile down the road. We only lost power for 4 hours, but it was a good reminder that the weather can send our best laid plans spinning, and it’s time to do winter emergency prepping.

Damage from the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 in Newberg, Oregon Damage from the Columbus Day Storm of 1962 in Newberg, Oregon

Here’s a look at past weather hijinks in Whatcom county. I’m sure most anyone in the PNW experienced these events in their own special way…

(From the Bellingham Herald – link no longer working)

  • Record snowfall of ’98-’99: The winter of 1998-99 will live in the memory of local skiers and snowboarders – that’s when 1,140 inches of snow fell at Mount Baker Ski Area, the most ever recorded in the United States.
    Once Baker opened that…

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