Mid-winter doldrums

January at Seven Trees Farm isn’t terribly exciting, which is a good thing. We’re just barely done with fall harvest processing (luckily onions and garlic are forgiving) and trying to decide what to plant now. daffodils

The random weather is making it tough to call, since most domesticated garden veggies were developed for specific growing conditions. Tonight is a perfect example. It’s late-January, 8pm, and 60 degrees. If this were normal we could count on fresh greens all winter, but just a couple of weeks ago it was in the teens and the ground was hard frozen.2016hatch

Any plants newly-started don’t have a clue what to do, and often give up and die, or just hunker down and wait for true spring like so many other living things.2016boxopeeps

The first hatch of the season was very exciting, with 63 peepers in the baby coop this week. We’ll have a full grow-out pen and some extra chickies for sale soon. Our new roo, Kendall, a hefty, handsome French black copper Marans has earned himself another season as main guy, given his laid-back disposition and awesome fertility rate.peepdrink

We are taking advantage of the relative calm to get some bids on much-needed upgrades like new windows and possible flooring. We looked at options for a new heating system (our ‘official’ heat source is electric baseboards but we never use them), but our tiny old farmhouse is so well-insulated that wood heat remains our best bet. Now to get some bids for prettying-up the old brick chimney stub that was left behind when previous owners got rid of the original wood cookstove.hotplatepeeps

February is almost here though, and that means Imbolc. Time to celebrate winter’s waning and the approach of spring 😀partypeeps

Here are a few posts we’ve written on ancestral observations of this tumultuous transitional time:


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