Frogs & Lager

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to drive Gemini in the St. Patrick’s parade that year, and he died not long before the parade the following year. We still hope to find another pony someday, but in the meantime, here are a couple of options for celebrating heritage drinking holidays, sans leprechauns and green beer.
On a less frivolous note, we are splurging on new flooring for most of the house (not too hard with our tiny hut!) and will soon be moving our five feeder goldfish to a rustic new cattle trough pond 😀

Seven Trees Farm

Not long til St. Patrick’s Day, when we hope to represent Seven Trees in the 1st annual parade in Bellingham on the 13th. Gemini will be decked to the nines.

Some other old-school shenanigans in the month of March are Whuppity Scoorie – a custom from Lanark, Scotland observed on March 1st. The William Wallace Heritage Trust describes the festival thus:

The enactment of the tradition was reported in the local press (The Hamilton Advertiser) from around the middle of the 19th century. Indeed, the ceremony was originally reported under the heading “The Wee Bell Ceremony”! According to these reports the ‘weapon of choice’ of the children in those days (boys only) was to roll their caps up and tie them with string. When the bell first rang they would then march cheering to New Lanark and fight with the boys from that village who would be marching in the…

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