The Year Without Summer?

This post was originally written in June 2008, when Cascadia was deep in the throes of our formerly-normal summer kick-off weather pattern known as Junuary. 2016 is about as far as you can go on the other end of the spectrum. We’ve broken uncounted heat records since April, and yesterday was another sweltering extreme. But 200 years ago, much of the planet was dealing with snow and frost the whole summer long.

For a fascinating podcast on the year without a summer, check this out

Seven Trees Farm

Very very unhappy beans. The few that sprouted are bug-bit and dying. Most of them are still half-sprouted in the ground. We’ll be replanting all our beans this weekend, and crossing fingers for enough sun to get a crop in before frost.
Sad little corn sprouts. They might make it if we get the forecasted sun this weekend. Hopefully the dose of nettle water they got today will give them enough boost to grab the sunlight and go for it.

With the headlines full of bad news about weather-caused crop failures in the midwest, rising food prices, and contaminated tomatoes, having a large productive garden is even more important than ever. But according to the weather wizards at the UW’s Climate Impacts Group, the PNW is in the clutches of a La Nina event. Once this cycle runs its course, we’ll be at the mercy…

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