For sale

Check here for hatching eggs, chicks, pullets and hens for sale. Local pick up only, near Bellingham, WA. No shipping!

7/28/2016 – Hens are sold out for now. We are planning another hatch this fall, so contact us if you’d like to reserve some chicks. They will be straight run, $3 each, hatched from our darkest brown and olive eggs.


4/12/2016 – Hatching eggs are $10 a dozen, local pick up only. We need a week or so lead time to pull the best colors. All eggs will be as clean as possible, and gathered within 7 days of pick up to ensure freshness.

We raise olive-eggers as our main ‘breed’, but keep Marans and Ameraucanas as part of our olive-egger breeding pens. Chickens sold as Marans may be crosses of different color varieties, i.e. golden cuckoo x black copper, not technically purebred show stock. We select for temperament, production, foraging ability, egg color and conformation we like, and maintain our own breeding lines by adding select outside birds periodically.